Monday, March 22, 2010

3rd day after op...

Sitting at home with my married, not so young, very frustrated boyfriend is getting a bit much for me and the appendix that decided to burst...maybe the appendix did the bright thing, abondened ship before the ship completely sinks.

Have to admit that at 37, which I thought was a great age to still all my organs in tact, one tends to look at things differantly and sometimes scepticism is a part of everyday life.

My boyfriend, almost 40, but still as hot as hell, discovered a renewed youth in going to teeny bobber clubs and shaking his body and head in what can only be called a state of dementia where they lock you up in 7 of our provinces for doing something illegal.

He is off to go and have breakfast with a mutual friend of ours and hopefully i get to see him before the sun sets on this lovely day. His caring side is not the createst......

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